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Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization LLC

What is the PAAO?

The Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization (PAAO) was established to ensure the public trust when aircraft appraisals are involved. We carefully select aviation professionals, then through training, comprehensive research, and detailed reporting provide credible reliable opinions of value.

The PAAO is made up of Aviation Professionals who know aircraft and only work within the aviation industry. The need for a better appraisal organization was obvious and the PAAO was setup to address those issues and improve training, exposure, knowledge, communication, cooperation, and the abilities of those who wish to join the organization.

The PAAO has "mentors" for those wishing to learn how an aircraft appraisal should be accomplished. The PAAO focuses on understanding the Appraisal Process, understanding all of what impacts Aircraft values, understanding the aircraft market, understanding the specifics of each aircraft, and how to manage that information for the best results in an appraisal. If you have some aircraft backgound and want to expand your knowledge the PAAO can help.

As opposed to some other groups, the PAAO does Aircraft Appraisals only because we know aircraft and stay within that specialization.

So if you need a credible, reliable aircraft appraisal by a trained and experienced professional - CALL US!   Our Professional Aircraft Appraiser Finder will help you locate a Professional in your location.

Be sure to check our JOIN US information on the menu.

Our new tool is now available. It's ready for you to try out and see what "Risk" a particular value may generate. Some of our associates have been using the beta for several weeks. Most have been impressed with the information supplied.  TRY IT OUT TODAY! 

PAAO Training & Development

The PAAO ON-LINE Training site is now fully open!

 We are exited to introduce this to our associates.
 The General Training classes will include things such as how to use   Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Using a Page Scanner for logbook records,   and more to be added! These are not required courses but are available to help our associates in their business practice.

 You must enroll (using the events pages) to be able to connect to   the training you want, must complete, or desire to take!

 The Basic Appraisal Training is now ready for our Associates!
 This is a REQUIRED COURSE for new appraisers. The good news is   that it is always available without any travel or other expenses.

 For anyone wishing to enroll in the Senior Training Course, you   need to apply for these courses.  In 2024 these will be held by the PAAO and have dates set for the training. The on-line training for the senior level is no longer available.   If you are a current appraiser and need to learn the PAAO

 Systems and Procedures that class has also been discontinued  it is now part of the in-person courses during 2024.

The  requirement for recurrent training that the PAAO needs to   assure everyone follows the same concepts and basics needed to   assure competence and promote the public trust!  We all need   reminders and expansion of our thinking sometimes.

You may sign up today using the  Event Page!
The site requires a login that is only issued after you register for one of the courses offered!

The image below will take you to the new "CENTER"!  You must enroll (using the events pages) to be able to connect to the training you want, must complete, or desire to take!

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Become an Associate of the PAAO

If you are interested in joining us you are invited to join the Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization!  It will be of benefit to you and to the organization! A background in aviation is helpful and necessary as are some business operation backgrounds. Our business is aircraft appraisals and only aircraft appraisals. The ability to use a computer, a word processor, and understand the aircraft market are needed. If you think you have what it takes to become a professional aircraft appraiser click the link below.   

Click Here to Join Us & Start Your Path to Becoming a Professional Aircraft Appraiser Today 

Learn More About PAAO

We will be placing articles, webinars, videos and other content shortly. You will be able to access these as members of the PAAO.  We are busy working to provide you with more educational items soon.

Upcoming PAAO Events

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Need to Find an Aircraft Appraiser?

We have a tool to help you locate one and it is free for limited use.  Sign up for a free account at our business website.

  You can simply enter your email and make a password for quick access. 

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