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Aircraft Appraiser Certification Process

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The Start


Because the aircraft appraisal industry is unregulated, anyone can claim to be an aircraft appraiser without any training, any background or any experience in the industry. --- click to read more / less

Most of these individuals have no interest in preserving or maintaining the public trust when appraising aircraft nor do they have an interest in providing credible, reliable opinions of value. Other organizations and groups attempt to use the same (or similar) methodology that applies to real estate, antiques, heavy equipment and jewelry to aircraft. There needs to be a better and more analytical solution.

Aircraft are somewhat unique in terms of the various value points that need to be collected, verified and examined when establishing an opinion of value. This effort cannot be accomplished sitting behind a desk and avoiding the necessary field work. This is where the PAAO method of certifying aircraft appraisers is very different.

First -

It Starts with the Individual

Not everyone has the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to appraise aircraft. -- Read More / Less

For this reason, the PAAO screens prospective appraisers to ensure they have an adequate background in aviation, computer skills, writing skills and business. Furthermore, all applicants must pass a criminal background check as part of the PAAO’s objectives to maintain the public trust and ensure some level of ethical integrity in the individuals who perform site visits. Only then are these individuals considered to be acceptable to the PAAO.

Second -

It Continues with the Training

The PAAO Basic Training Program is an intensive now on-line course that focuses on ethical behavior in the aircraft appraisal industry, --- Read more / less

how our methodology and analytical approach is different and more credible than others, and it wraps up with a real-world field visit to appraise an aircraft and review its records to present to the board upon completion of the program and receiving their certificate as an Intern-Appraiser. There are sixteen units/courses within the Basic Training section. The basic training is fully online with your ability to move at your pace.

At the end of the program, Intern-Appraisers select a mentor and begin working on their first appraisal reports that will be submitted to the Review Board before they are allowed to offer their services to the general public as full fledged PAAO Certified Aircraft Appraisers.

Because our training programs focus on AIRCRAFT and ONLY AIRCRAFT, the programs do not take months or years to complete. Because our students have a background in aviation, we do not have to spend hours or days explaining the fundamentals of aviation or aviation maintenance. We can focus on market analysis, market research and how to write credible, reliable aircraft appraisal reports. This means that individuals are able to begin earning money faster in their aircraft appraisal business and they have an organization of professionals ready to offer assistance every step of the way. The Basic Course is in addition to your dues. Currently that course is priced at $5000 for all sixteen (16) units. It normally has taken new appraisers about 1-2 weeks to complete when using the time they allow. The units were the same units that used to be taught over a one week class which required you to travel and pay hotel fees while attending.

Third -

The Appraisal Review Board

The Appraisal Review Board is comprised of PAAO Board members who are also Senior Aircraft Appraisers with years of experience. --- Click to read more / less

Review Board members examine those reports from our Intern-Appraisers to ensure they pass muster and meet the high standards the PAAO expects from ALL our appraisers. The Appraisal Review Board also has the responsibility to spot check reports from PAAO Certified Appraisers to ensure that our reporting is the most credible, trustworthy and reliable in the aircraft appraisal industry.

It is this type of certification process that sets the PAAO apart from all others in the aircraft appraisal industry. Aircraft appraising for the PAAO is not a side business, it is the ONLY business and our appraisers are the best in this industry because of their background, training and support.

And it goes forward...

Professionalism Involves Staying Current

The PAAO expects its appraisers to act professional and this involves recurrent training and professional development. --- Read more/ less

The PAAO offers a variety of on-line training via live and recorded webinars and recurrent training programs that focus on new appraisal techniques, refining current appraisal techniques and other topics to make our activities relevant and current. Completion of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) program for personal property is a prerequisite for all PAAO Senior Appraisers and there are a variety of online courses that can be completed before taking the Senior Appraiser Training.

Important note: Because becoming an appraiser is a process that requires your work and effort the PAAO makes no warranties expressed or implied, no refunds for applications, membership dues,  training, or services. Any disputes are to be settled by arbitration if necessary.  Continuing forward is an indication that you accept these specific terms and conditions. 

If you would like to start the journey to become a PAAO Certified appraiser check the details and the form to join HERE!

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