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How is Our Data Derived?

The PAAO is focused on maintaining the public trust.  Our Associates do this by providing, credible, reliable and believable reports that are based not only on a physical examination of the aircraft and its records but also by using current data from the marketplace.  The companies below generally agree with this same type of approach and have allowed the PAAO access to their data for use in our database and in our data analysis.  More companies will follow once we have their permission.

Although the tools and analytical methodology used exclusively by PAAO Associates is proprietary, the foundation of our analysis is not – and this is what sets the PAAO and its Associates apart from others.  The PAAO is not in the publishing business and does not use unverified data submitted by subscribers or others who may have a vested interest in the outcome of a database that is not truly reflective of the market and market conditions.  PAAO data is updated on a monthly basis and reflective of market conditions along with an analysis of other sources – in keeping with our Best Practices.

Professionalism through competence!

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