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Who may use the PAAO Best Practices©?

ANYONE can use these Best Practices as a set of guidelines in their own aircraft appraisal efforts.  In fact, the PAAO strongly recommends that they do.  Not following the Best Practices simply means that the credibility and reliability of the report and the opinion of value tends to diminish as more and more items are avoided. 

Benefit of using a PAAO certified appraiser

If credible, reliable results are important when determining an aircraft’s market value for a given situation, why not start with a trained, experienced professional aircraft appraiser certified by the Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization (PAAO)?

A Video Explaination of the PAAO Best Practices

One of the main purposes and objectives of the PAAO is to maintain the public trust when appraising aircraft.  With this in mind, the PAAO established a set of Best Practices for the aircraft appraisal industry.  The Best Practices involve several key areas including selection of the individual to appraise aircraft, the training and education of these individuals, the individual responsibilities and activities of the PAAO Certified Appraiser, the process of writing a comprehensive and concise aircraft appraisal report which supports the opinion of value and documents the contents and condition of the subject aircraft, and the aircraft appraisal organization itself.

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